His dual Nantes and Corsican origins explain Alain Dominique Perrin’s passion for sailing and fishing.

Aile VI

In 1994, he discovered the sailing ship “Aile VI” in a hangar in St. Malo. “Aile VI”, the 1928 Olympic champion, is an international 8 metre boat.

After intensive restoration, “Aile VI” took to the seas again in 1996.

Today classed as Historic French Heritage, the sailing ship participates in international nautical events like the Lancel Classic, royal regattas at Cannes, sailing off St. Tropez, European Championships and World Championships in its category.

Aile VII

In 2003, Alain Dominique Perrin, in collaboration with the architect Jean-Marie Finot, decided to create his own sailing ship, “ADP52”, a 15.70 metre high-tech racing-cruise ship. A 100% carbon prototype, “ADP52” combines the performance of a racing boat with the comfort of a pleasure boat. It is 15-30% faster than sailing boats of the same length. There are plans to build a limited series of 9 boats.

The first, owned by Alain Dominique Perrin, was named “Aile VII”.

Star of the Seas

In 2005, Alain Dominique Perrin decided to restore the “Star of the Seas”, his father’s yacht, that first saw light in the Vendéen dockyards in 1903. “Grain of Salt”, an association based in Noirmoutier, uses the boat to take groups of underprivileged children from the island sailing every week during the summer holidays, under the supervision of a trainer and professional skipper.
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